IMG_0729Ajay Narendra is an ARC Future Fellow and heads the Ecological Neuroscience group. His research is in the field of insect neuroethology. Ajay’s research focusses on acquisition and processing of navigational information in the natural environment. He is also interested in ant community ecology.

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Postdoctoral Fellows

10917884_934546005194_1951006109331238021_nFranne Kamhi is a Postdoctoral Fellow funded by the Australian Research Council. She is interested in ant sociobiology, neuromodulation, and comparative neuroanatomy.  Currently, she is studying the visual circuitry involved in navigation in Australian bull ants (Myrmecia).

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imageYuri Ogawa is a Postdoctoral Fellow funded by the Australian Research Council. Yuri is interested in the physiological basis for animal vision and in the evolution of vision for occupying specific  habitats and for displaying particular behaviours.

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10511579_829871253735502_5829685084584897161_oRavindra Palavalli Nettimi is a PhD student interested in all things ants! Ravi is investigating the behavioural implications of miniaturisation in ants.

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FullSizeRender.jpgFiorella Ramirez-Esquivel is a PhD student. Fiorella uses a variety of microscopy techniques (SEM, TEM, light microscopy) to study how the eyes and antennal sensilla of ants change with variation in body size and with the time of day at which animals are active.

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zachZachary Sheehan is a Masters student (MRes). Zach’s becoming an expert in ant brain dissections. For his project, he is investigating the extent to which neuropil volume changes in day- and night-active Myrmecia ants.

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Alex Szwaja is a Research Assistant in our group. She is currently supported by an MQRDG and is working together with Franne studying navigational behaviour of nocturnal Myrmecia ants.

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braxtonjBraxton Jones is a undergraduate student. He is an avid stick insect enthusiast and is also interested in arachnids. Braxton is studying the unusual hunting choreography of the charismatic net casting spiders.

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Christopher Whyte spent time with us as Research Assistant digitising  footage of tandem runs and jumping ants. 2016