Ajay Narendra is an ARC Future Fellow and heads the Ecological Neuroscience group.

Ajay is interested in understanding how insects navigate in their natural habitats, the information content in the environment they use, the sensory structures they have and the central processing units that allow them to memorise, integrate and recall information. Ajay’s research has largely focused on ants to take advantage of the inter- and intra-specific variation in size, in locomotion, in tasks and also in the different ecological and temporal niches they occupy.

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Lab members

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Franne Kamhi

Yuri Ogawa

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Franne is a Postdoctoral Fellow. She is interested in ant sociobiology, neuromodulation and comparative neuroanatomy. She is studying the circuitry involved in visual navigation in bull ants. Yuri is a Postdoctoral Fellow. She is interested in the physiological basis for animal vision and in the evolution of vision for occupying specific habitats and for displaying particular behaviours.


Ravindra Palavalli Nettimi

Fiorella Ramirez-Esquivel

Zachary Sheehan

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Ravi is a PhD student interested in all things ants! Ravi is investigating the behavioural implications of miniaturisation in ants.

Fiorella is a PhD student (based at ANU) studying the role of miniaturisation in the structure and packing density of external sensory arrays in ants.

Zach is a Masters student (MRes) investigating how brain neuropils scale in diurnal and nocturnal Myrmecia ants.

Duncan Jaroslow Victoria Als  Shwetha Sambasivam
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Duncan is a Masters student (MRes) investigating how the neural architecture of ant brains change as they acquire visual navigational information. Victoria is a Masters student from the University of Innsbruck, Austria. She is visiting us to investigate population genetics in the bull ant, Myrmecia nigriceps. Shwetha is a Research Assistant in our group. She is documenting the variation of the ocellar structure in ants.


Chris braxtonj
Marc Seid from the University of Scranton spent his sabbatical with us to study ant brain allometry. 2017 Alex Szwaja was an RA in our group and assisted with filming ants and digitising videos. 2017 Christopher Whyte was an RA in the group and helped digitising ant behaviour video footage. 2016 Braxton Jones was a volunteer in our group and studied the hunting behaviour of net casting spiders. 2016