Ajay Narendra, Group Leader

Ajay is interested in understanding how insects navigate in their natural habitats. He is also interested in the sensory structures and neural machinery they have evolved to memorise, integrate and recall information. 

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Research Group

Yuri Ogawa, Postdoctoral Fellow

Yuri is a Postdoctoral Fellow. She is interested in the physiological basis for animal vision and in the evolution of vision for occupying specific habitats.

E: yuriogawa.kato AT

Bhavana Penmetcha, PhD student

Bhavana completed her MRes program with us in 2019 studying the anatomical and physiological properties of ocelli in ants. She will start her PhD program later this year. Stay tuned!

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Zachary Sheehan, Research Assistant

Zac recently completed his Masters degree with us where he analysed the differences in the brain neuropils of day and night-active Myrmecia ants. He is currently investigating caste and sex specific difference in brain structures in ants.

E: zachary.sheehan AT

Recent Visitors

  • Prof Christian Peeters
  • A/Prof Marc Seid


Frances J Kamhi, Postdoctoral fellow 2019; Ravindra Palavalli-Nettimi, PhD 2019; Fiorella Ramirez-Esquivel, PhD 2018; Duncan Jaroslow, MRes 2018; Zachary Sheehan, MRes 2017; Alex Swaja, RA 2017.