PhD position available: How do ants learn to navigate?

The project will investigate the onset of foraging behaviour in ants with emphasis on the choreography of learning walks and on how the synaptic complexity in the brain changes with age and with exposure to different sensory information. There will be opportunities to learn state-of-art neuroanatomical techniques and fine scale insect tracking methods. This project will require some curiosity and some degree of bravado as the large-eyed Australian Myrmecia (aka bull ants, inch ants, jack jumpers) will be the focus of this project.

Applicants should be enthusiastic about experimental field oriented research. Candidates with a background in microscopy, anatomy or neurobiology are particularly encouraged to apply.

The student will join the Ecological Neuroscience Group at the Department of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney under the supervision of Dr Ajay Narendra and Dr Franne Kamhi. This project will be supported through the Australian Research Council’s Schemes of Future Fellowship and Discovery Project.

Scholarship information is here

To register an Expression of Interest, contact Dr Ajay Narendra [ajay.narendra@mq.edu.au] along with your CV.


Volunteering positions: We typically have a number of projects available for volunteers. If you would like to be part of any ongoing projects and learn techniques in neuroethology (microscopy / histology / high speed filming / video analysis) contact us.

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