Zoltán Kócsi

ZoltanI have always been fascinated by science and mesmerised by electronics. Since I had access to the latter due to my Dad, I went on that path. I got my MS in EE at the Technical University of Budapest in 1985 then I worked as an R&D engineer first in Hungary then in Australia. However, science remained just as alluring as before and after all those years recently I decided to get back to the university and research the neuronal circuits behind the remarkable navigational skills and learning ability of ants.


  • M.Sc. 1985. Technical University of Budapest. Thesis title: ST-102 hard disk controller using a novel, low-cost PLL.
  • B.Sc. 1983. Electrical Engineering. Major in Telecommunications.

Experience (major points)

  • 1985 – Researcher at the Research Institute of the Hungarian Post
  • 1987 – R&D engineer at the ECG division of Innomed (a medical equipment company in Hungary)
  • 1990 – R&D engineer at CedCom Pty. Ltd.
  • 1992 – Senior HW/SW engineer and researcher at Canon Information Systems Research Australia
  • 1995 – Director of Bendor Research Pty. Ltd.


  • K. Cullen, Z. Kócsi, J. Stone. 2005. Pericapillary Haem-Rich Deposits: Evidence for Microhaemorrhages in Aging Human Cerebral Cortex. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 25: 1656-1667
  • K. Cullen, Z. Kócsi, J. Stone. 2006. Microvascular Pathology in the Aging Human Brain: Evidence that Senile Plaques Are Sites of Microhaemorrhages. Neurobiology of Aging 27(12): 1786-96.

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